February 16, 2018
Fairfield Union Defeated Logan By a score of 40-36. Winning Matches for the Falcons

120: Keegan Kohler
126: Collin Ketcham
132 Ben Miller
138 Nathan Welsh
170 Ethan Miller
195 David Seymour
285 Brandon Lenhart

Thanks Too ALL who came out to support the team and send off the seniors.

February 3, 2018
Team was 4th out of 8 Placers

120 Keegan Kohler 2nd
132 Ben Miller 3rd
138 Nathan Welsh 2nd
160 Ethan Miller 3rd
170 Richie Jones 4th
182 Jordan Beyer 1st
220 Matt Prysock 4th
285 Brandon Lenhart 2nd

January 6, 2018
Fairfield Union took 3rd at the Sheridan Invitational.

Top placers:
120 Keegan Kohler Champion
126 Kody Beal Champion
132 Ben Miller Chanpion
138 Nathan Welsh Champion
160 Ethan Miller 3rd Place. Also recorded his 100th career win.
182 Jordan Beyer 2nd Place
220 Matt Prysock Champion
285 Noah DeHainaut 3rd Place

December 29, 2017
West Jefferson Invitational

Fairfield Union was 3rd out of 22 teams at the West Jefferson Invitational. Top placers for the Falcons were:
120 Keegan Kohler 4th Place
126 Kody Beal 4th Place
132 Ben Miller 4th Place
138 Nathan Welsh 1st Place. Remains undefeated on the season.
170 Ethan Miller 3rd Place
182 Jordan Beyer 6th Place
220 Matt Prysock 2nd place
285 Brandon Lenhart 4th Place

December 9, 2017
The Fairfield Union Falcons took first at the 10 team Logan Invitational today. 12 points ahead of Logan 263 to 251.

Placers for the Falcons
120 pounds Keegan Kohler 1st Place
126 Pounds Kody Beal 1st Place
132 Pounds Ben Miller 1st Place
138 Pounds Nathan Welsh 1st Place
160 Pounds Ethan Miller 1st Place
170 Pounds Jeff King 5th Place
182 Pounds Jordan Beyer 1st Place
220 Pounds Matt Prysock 2nd Place
220 Pounds Cody Campbell 5th Place
285 Pounds Noah DeHainaut 1st Place
285 Pounds Brandon Lenhart 3rd Place

Ben Miller was also voted the tournaments outstanding wrestler.

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